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Suntown Campers with Dr Alvin

Suntown Camp

We bring together children who are ill with cancer or in remission, children who have parents diagnosed with cancer and children with serious illness.

The camp allows the children to understand and accept their situation, express their feelings, and see that they are not alone in their struggles. They spend time together with children sharing a similar journey, in a fun, healthy and loving atmosphere.

Annual Camp

A 5-day camp where children bond, have fun and learn together through different activities led by caring volunteers.

Support Group Sessions

We conduct support group sessions for the kids’ siblings & parents to encourage an ideal home setting for the family.

Endowment Fund

We are working towards building an endowment fund to help more beneficiaries.

Camp 14: Beneath The Same Sky


How Far We've Come

Suntown is dedicated to helping and giving a little sun into the oftentimes dark life of the kids by sharing time, talent or treasure. Here’s how far we’ve come since we started in 2007.



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Experience the Suntown Magic and you too can help change lives.

Year-round Activities

Throughout the year, Suntown gathers the children to celebrate different occasions and have fun together.


We have built partnerships and collaborations that have enabled Suntown to help more children.


By organizing or partnering in fund-raising activities, we can help ensure continued funds for our programs.

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To ensure quality camp staff, we hold regular training programs and orientation programs for volunteers.

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